Publication: Conflict in a changing climate by GlobalPolicyLab Member

Tamma and Sol, along with co-author Marshall Burke at Stanford, published a review of the climate and violence literature in a Special Topics issue of the European Physical Journal.

The review focuses on how to use empirical evidence from historical climate-conflict relationships to make projections about the future. We present new evidence suggesting that income mitigates the impact of temperature on crime and conflict, implying that future projections may be improved by incorporating income-based adaptation. Check out a more detailed blog post about the publication on the blog G-FEED here

Video: Empirical climate damages at the National Academy of Science by Solomon Hsiang

Michael Greenstone recently presented new results from the Climate Impact Lab at the National Academy of Sciences. This work (and the talk) follow logically from Sol's talk to the same NAS group back in November. The work Michael presented represented a major team effort that included [amazing] contributions by Tamma CarletonJames Rising, and Megan Landin here at GPL.