Jonathan Kadish

Jonathan Kadish

Jonathan Kadish

Bio: Jonathan is a Ph.D. candidate in Agricultural & Resource Economics at the University of California, Berkeley, specializing in urban, energy, and environmental economics. He is a National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellow and Doctoral Fellow at the Global Policy Lab. Previously, Jonathan was a consultant specializing in statistics, economics, and finance at Analysis Group, Inc., and in California electricity policy at Energy & Environmental Economics (E3), Inc. He is a co-author of the California Net Energy Metering Ratepayer Impact Evaluation. Jonathan received a B.A. (summa cum laude) with a double major in Mathematical economics and Environmental analysis from Pomona College.

Jonathan will be on the academic job market in 2017-2018.

Research: Jonathan uses novel datasets and cutting-edge data science tools to conduct research that informs transportation and energy policy. His job market paper examines how three changes in transportation costs - (1) the National Maximum Speed Law, (2) gasoline prices, and (3) the rollout of Uber and Lyft - have affected the real estate price gradients and housing development within cities. The results are applied to a simulation of the effect of autonomous vehicles on urban structure.

Additional research in progress:

  1. Using time-use data to predict electricity demand.
  2. Quantifying traffic congestion in urban China.
  3. A labor model that demonstrates the importance of leisure in designing optimal climate change policy.
  4. The role of institutions in climate change adaptation. 

Fields of Interests: Urban Growth, Real Estate, Transportation, Climate Impacts in the Energy Sector, Behavioral Approaches to Conservation, Environmental Regulation and Policy