Peiley Lau

Bio: Peiley is a Ph.D. student in Agricultural and Resource Economics at UC Berkeley and a recipient of the UC Berkeley Chancellor's Fellowship. Peiley has taught cooking and nutrition to middle-schoolers in underserved communities and worked on a small Minnesotan family farm and dairy. Prior to Berkeley, she did policy research at policy think tank Oakland Institute where she looked at the impacts of palm oil and biofuel land grabs on rural smallholder livelihoods in South East Asia and Africa. She co-authored a report on exposing tax evasion and timber transfer pricing by foreign logging companies in Papua New Guinea. She graduated from Stanford University with a BA in Economics.

Research: Peiley's research focuses include food security, sustainable agriculture and economic development. She is interested in designing economic policies that increase access to affordable healthy foods, reduce environmentally degradating food systems, promote smallholder and rural livelihoods, and eliminate structural socioeconomic inequities. 

Fields of Interest: Agricultural policy, food systems, natural resources, wealth inequality, human rights