Solomon Hsiang

Solomon Hsiang directs the Global Policy Laboratory at Berkeley, where his team is integrating econometrics, spatial data science, and machine learning to answer questions that are central to rationally managing planetary resources--such as the economic value of the global climate, how the UN can fight wildlife poaching, the effectiveness of treaties governing the oceans, and whether satellites and AI can be combined to monitor the entire planet in real time. 

Hsiang earned a BS in Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Science and a BS in Urban Studies and Planning from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and he received a PhD in Sustainable Development from Columbia University. He was a Post-Doctoral Fellow in Applied Econometrics at the National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER) and a Post-Doctoral Fellow in Science, Technology and Environmental Policy at Princeton University. Hsiang is currently the Chancellor's Professor of Public Policy at the University of California, Berkeley, a Research Associate at the NBER, a National Geographic Explorer, and the Gloria and Richard Kushel Visiting Scholar at Stanford University.  

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Selected Publications

Strengthened scientific support for the Endangerment Finding for atmospheric greenhouse gases
Duffy, Field, Diffenbaugh, Doney, Dutton, Goodman, Heinzerling, Hsiang, Lobell, Mickley, Myers, Natali, Parmesan, Tierney, Williams, Science (2019)

The Distribution of Environmental Damages
Hsiang, Walker, Oliva, Review of Environmental Economics and Policy (2019)

An Economist’s Guide to Climate Change Science
Hsiang & Kopp, Journal of Economic Perspectives (2018)

Estimating global agricultural effects of geoengineering using volcanic eruptions
Proctor, Hsiang, Burney, Burke, Schlenker, Nature (2018)

Higher temperatures increase suicide rates in the United States and Mexico
Burke, González, Baylis, Heft-Neal, Baysan, Basu, Hsiang, Nature Climate Change (2018)

Estimating economic damage from climate change in the United States
Hsiang, Kopp, Jina, Rising, Delgado, Mohan, Rasmussen, Muir-Wood, Wilson, Oppenheimer, Larsen, Houser, Science (2017)

Social and economic impacts of climate
Carleton & Hsiang, Science (2016)

Climate Econometrics
Hsiang, Annual Review of Resource Economics (2016)

Potentially Extreme Population Displacement and Concentration in the Tropics Under Non-Extreme Warming
Hsiang & Sobel, Scientific Reports (2016)

Global Non-linear Effect of Temperature on Economic Production
Burke, Hsiang, Miguel, Nature (2015)

Tropical Economics
Hsiang & Meng, American Economic Review (2015)

Geography, Depreciation, and Growth
Hsiang & Jina, American Economic Review (2015)

Nonlinear permanent migration response to climatic variations but minimal response to disasters
Bohra-Mishra, Oppenheimer, Hsiang, PNAS (2014)

Reconciling disagreement over climate–conflict results in Africa
Hsiang, Meng, PNAS (2014)

Quantifying the Influence of Climate on Human Conflict
Hsiang, Burke, Miguel, Science (2013)

Using Weather Data and Climate Model Output in Economic Analyses of Climate Change
Auffhammer, Hsiang, Schlenker, Sobel, Review of Environmental Economics and Policy (2013)

Civil Conflicts are associated with the global climate
Hsiang, Meng, Cane, Nature (2011)

Temperatures and cyclones strongly associated with economic production in the Caribbean and Central America
Hsiang, PNAS (2010)

Selected Working Papers

Spatial Correlation, Trade, and Inequality: Evidence from the Global Climate
Dingle, Meng, Hsiang, NBER working paper 25447 (2019)

Accounting for Unobservable Heterogeneity in Cross Section Using Spatial First Differences
Druckenmiller, Hsiang, NBER working paper 25177 (2018)

Economic and Non-Economic Factors in Violence: Evidence from Organized Crime, Suicides and Climate in Mexico
Baysan, Burke, Gonzalez, Hsiang, Miguel NBER working paper 24897 (2018)

The Marginal Product of Climate
Deryugina, Hsiang, NBER working paper 24072 (2017)

Does Legalization Reduce Black Market Activity? Evidence from a Global Ivory Experiment and Elephant Poaching Data
Hsiang, Sekar, NBER working paper 22314 (2016)

The Causal Effect of Environmental Catastrophe on Long-Run Economic Growth: Evidence From 6,700 Cyclones
Hsiang, Jina, NBER Working Paper 20352 (2014)

Destruction, Disinvestment, and Death: Economic and Human Losses Following Environmental Disaster
Anttila-Hughes, Hsiang, (2012) 


Economic Risks of Climate Change: An American Prospectus
By Trevor Houser, Solomon Hsiang, Robert Kopp, Kate Larsen, Michael Delgado, Amir Jina, Michael Mastrandrea, Shashank Mohan, Robert Muir-Wood, D. J. Rasmussen, James Rising, Paul Wilson