Climate Impact Lab teams up with Nike on "Move to Zero" campaign / by GlobalPolicyLab Member

The Climate Impact Lab is working with Nike to bring to life the effects of rising temperatures on snowboarders, runners, soccer players and other athletes as part of the company’s “Move to Zero” campaign raising awareness through sport about climate change.

The campaign debuted in September with testimonials from tennis player Naomi Osaka, runner Joan Benoit Samuelson and other athletes speaking to how their performance has been personally affected by falling snow levels, more frequent extreme temperature days and overall hotter weather.

Backing up those testimonials are maps using Climate Impact Lab analysis that paint a dramatic picture of a world transformed by climate change - rising maximum temperatures during tennis tournament season throughout the world, a drop in the number of days below 32 degrees Fahrenheit, a spike in days with high temperatures above 90 degrees Fahrenheit.

As Samuelson says in the campaign, “When I’m out running I feel like I’m an environmental barometer for climate change.”