Discussing the future of energy at MIT by GlobalPolicyLab Member

Sol spoke at MIT's EmTech conference alongside MIT's Donald Sadoway about the future of energy.

Sol speaks at MIT about the impact of climate change

Donald Sadoway speaks at MIT about preventing climate change through engineering innovation. 

Documentary movie on climate as a cause of conflict by GlobalPolicyLab Member

Want to be on the silver screen? Get a PhD. Sol was interviewed for a new documentary (which he hasn't seen yet). 

What the filmmakers say about it

‘The Hurt Locker’ meets ‘An Inconvenient Truth’, THE AGE OF CONSEQUENCES investigates the impacts of climate change on increased resource scarcity, migration, and conflict through the lens of US national security and global stability.
Through unflinching case-study analysis, distinguished admirals, generals and military veterans take us beyond the headlines of the conflict in Syria, the social unrest of the Arab Spring, the rise of radicalized groups like ISIS, and the European refugee crisis – and lay bare how climate change stressors interact with societal tensions, sparking conflict.
Whether a long-term vulnerability or sudden shock, the film unpacks how water and food shortages, drought, extreme weather, and sea-level rise function as ‘accelerants of instability’ and ‘catalysts for conflict’ in volatile regions of the world.

Video: Empirical climate damages at the National Academy of Science by Solomon Hsiang

Michael Greenstone recently presented new results from the Climate Impact Lab at the National Academy of Sciences. This work (and the talk) follow logically from Sol's talk to the same NAS group back in November. The work Michael presented represented a major team effort that included [amazing] contributions by Tamma CarletonJames Rising, and Megan Landin here at GPL.